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Pray Lubbock Team


Pray Lubbock is organized with a board of directors (tending to legal and business aspects of this non-profit organization and a  Ministry Team (consisting of the convening pastors from each neighborhood of the city. 


Pray Lubbock Board of Directors:

Berry Alvis - Experience Life

Larry Brooks - Community Baptist Church

Steve Doles - Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Doug Hale - Vandelia Church of Christ

Jim Scott - New Hope Foursquare Church

David Shelburne - Pray Lubbock

Barry Stephens - Monterey Church


Pray Lubbock Ministry Team:

Larry Brooks - Community Baptist Church

David Shelburne - Pray Lubbock

Doug Hale - Vandelia Church of Christ

Jim Scott - New Hope Foursquare Church

Barry Stephens - Monterey Church

Bill Couch - LakeRidge Methodist Church

David Eppler - City View Christian Fellowship

Baron Eliason - Westminster Presbyterian

Dusty Thompson - Redeemer Church

Jerry Joplin - Bacon Heights Baptist

John Murdoch - Christian Life Assembly of God

Field Bennings - the ACTS Church

Lauro Hernandez - Pathway of the Cross

Jeff McCreight - Overton Park Fellowship

Billy Moton - New Hope Baptist Church

David Langford - Quaker Avenue Church of Christ



Former Pray Lubbock Board of Directors:

Porfirio Bas, formerly, International Christian Fellowship

Larry Doyle - Together with All the Saints

David Eppler, City View Christian Fellowship

Solomon Fields - St. John Baptist

Chris Galanos - Experience Life

Gary Kirksey, City View Christian Fellowship

D. L. Lowrie - formerly First Baptist Church, Lubbock

the late Dick McCreight, New Life Family Center

Tom Mills - formerly St. Luke's Methodist Church

Rodney Plunket - formerly Broadway Church of Christ

Jesse Rincones - Alliance Church

Mike Schafer, formerly Aldersgate Methodist Church

Jackie White - Church on the Rock





"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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