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Pray Lubbock Ministry Team Prayer Retreats

In addition to the prayer time at each monthly meeting, at times it is beneficial for the Ministry Team to retreat for prolonged and concentrated prayer.  These are times to pray for specific inspiration regarding the direction of Pray Lubbock and its ministry team members.  The first of these semi-annual retreats was held in October 1999.  One retreat per year is overnight and away from Lubbock, the other is closer to Lubbock and is contained in one day.  The Lord sets the agenda as we are led to pray.  

Pray Lubbock Office Operations

Pray Lubbock maintains an office for the purpose of conducting the business aspects of this ministry.  Planning meetings, prayer meetings, maintaining prayer and community information, correspondence, bookkeeping, production of publicity pieces and production of events take place here.  This office suite was first leased in March 1999.  Currently, the director and administrative assistant are in the office on a part-time basis.  

Web Site:  praylubbock.com

Our web site is a great tool of communication for pastors, intercessors, lighthouses, and other interested parties.  It contains announcements, training materials, prayer information, links to other prayer-oriented sites and an on-line e-prayer center.  praylubbock.com was placed on the Internet in March 1999.  

 Pastors Fellowship Luncheons

The monthly pastors fellowship luncheon is the primary vehicle for pastors of the city to visit, relax, and deepen relationships with one another.  Following mealtime fellowship, a brief portion of the vision of Pray Lubbock is shared, keeping pastors current and focused on the supremacy of prayer.  This activity began in August of 1999.  During summer months, these luncheons take place in restaurants close to the Prayer Tower.  During the other months, various congregations host these gatherings allowing pastors to get acquainted with one anotherís ministry facilities.  

Pastors Prayer/Relational Groups

These groups are designed to nurture peer-to-peer relationships and prayer support of the pastors across the city.  Pastors prayer/relational groups include from 5-10 pastors.  The agenda for their monthly meetings is to pray for each other and get to know each other better.  These small groups were formed in the fall of 1999. 

Pastors Prayer Shields

Pray Lubbock provides teaching, resources, and motivations for pastors in our city to establish prayer shields around them.  We are encouraging each pastor to have a smaller circle of trusted friends to pray daily for the pastor.  We are also suggesting that pastors have 31 other people who will pray and fast one day per month for the pastor.  This initiative began in May of 2000.  This endeavor is under the supervision of the Pray Lubbock Ministry Team.

Pastors Prayer Summits   

Pastors prayer summits provide the opportunity for pastors of all denominational backgrounds to come together at a location outside the city for the purpose of relation building; prayer for one-another, for each otherís congregations and for the city as a whole; and for receiving instruction and guidance in prayer.  These summits currently occur twice per year. They began as an annual event in 1996.  Typical location is Floydada Baptist Encampment for overnight summits and various locations for one-day summits.  These events are under the supervision of the Pray Lubbock Ministry Team.

Pastors' Intercessors

Intercessors attend the Third Wednesday prayer meeting in order to pray for the pastors who gather together for prayer.

Lighthouse of Prayer Project

Pray Lubbock, in conjunction with local pastors, oversees the initiative called Lighthouses of Prayer in and around Lubbock.  The goal of this project is to insure that every person in our city is covered in prayer by name, when possible, on a weekly basis.  This currently involves 1,250 lighthouses from 35 congregations in Lubbock. More than twice this many are needed to cover our city.  This is an ongoing project which began in March 1999.  The actual prayer activity takes place in neighborhoods all over our city.  

Pray Tech

Pray Tech is a microcosm of Pray Lubbock.  This is an attempt to apply our goal of prayer to this particularly large segment of our city.  Plans include covering students, faculty and staff of Texas Tech University with prayer.  This began in March 1999 and entered into a new phase in July 2000.  Prayer groups take place on campus and at university ministry locations as well as on an individual basis.  

Prayer Tower Usage

The primary reason that we office in the Metro Tower is the availability of the conference room on the 19th floor.  As a tenant of the building, we have free access to this room that is a strategic place for city-focused prayer.  We also use this for conferences and other training events.  The Pray Lubbock office coordinates the scheduling of various congregations, youth groups, and other prayer events in this room.  These types of events began in April 1999 and take place in the conference room, right next door to the Pray Lubbock office.  

Pastors Newsletter

The Pray Lubbock Pastors Newsletter is the primary communication tool for Pray Lubbock.  With a current circulation of 285, this monthly publication keeps pastors abreast of the prayer opportunities and initiatives of Pray Lubbock.  The first issue of this publication was June 1999.  This publication originates from the Pray Lubbock office.

Pastors Monthly Prayer Meetings

The pastors of the city gather monthly for the purpose of praying for one another as well as exercising their obligation and privilege as shepherds of the city to pray for the community as a whole.  Prayers are lifted up for schools, congregations, government and civic leaders, law-enforcement personnel, families, marriages, homeless, financial conditions, etc.  This activity has been in existence since 1995.  These prayer meetings take place in the conference room of the Metro Tower, right next door to the Pray Lubbock office.

Pastor and Spouse Lunch

Typically on the third Wednesday of December, our prayer meeting includes spouses of pastors, and we facilitate a Christmas lunch.  This is a great opportunity for pastor to deepen their relationships with other pastors in the city.

Day of Prayer and Fasting for Lubbock

In conjunction with the City Council and Mayor, and the Lubbock County Commissioners and County Judge, Pray Lubbock has issued several calls so prayer and fasting for common needs in our city.

Global Day of Prayer

Pray Lubbock circulates information about this global movement for prayer which culminates on Pentecost Sunday each year.  It is preceded by 10 days of prayer and is followed by 90 days of service to the community.

Seek God for the City

For several years, Pray Lubbock has promoted this prayer initiative which covers every aspect of our city in a 40-day prayer guide, published new each year by WayMakers.  The forty day period leads up to Palm Sunday.

LISD Board Meeting Prayer

Pray Lubbock cooperates with the LISD Superintendant's office to provide a pastor to open each monthly board meeting with prayer.

Worship Leaders Fellowship

Worship leaders in the city have gathered, usually around specific events and provided worship leadership for city-wide events.  In the process, they have prayed for one another, learned from each other, and enjoyed fellowship together.

Youth Pastors Network

The youth pastors in the city have been organized in various ways and around city-wide events such as See You at the Pole, Clash, and Hot Hearts.  They have been involved in weekly prayer meetings and month relational meetings.

911 Prayer Service

In 2001 and the following 4 years, Pray Lubbock facilitated a annual prayer service focusing on protection of our country and our community.

National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is an event with a one half-century history in this country. Pray Lubbock cooperates with the local chairwoman for Shirley Dobsonís National Day of Prayer organization in the production of this event.  On the first Thursday of May, there is a community gathering for prayer for our community, our country and our leaders.  This event has been in Lubbock for eight years.  Pray Lubbock has been involved since 1999.   This event occurs at the Lubbock courthouse yard.


The director of Pray Lubbock is periodically invited to preach and teach at various local congregations.  These opportunities allow members of congregations to catch the vision for Pray Lubbock.  These engagements began in 1999.  These events are typically at congregations in Lubbock.

Consultation with Other Like-minded City Efforts

From time to time, members of the Pray Lubbock Ministry Team (and other Lubbock pastors closely associated) will respond to requests for help and information from other cities.  This help includes consultations via visits, phone, correspondence, resource sharing and making presentations at conferences and gatherings.  The purpose of these contacts is to give glory to God for what He has done in Lubbock and to encourage others to seek His blessing upon their community.  These encounters began shortly after Pray Lubbock became a visible entity in 1999.  Consultations range from across the state of Texas to across the country.

Previous Prayer Initiatives:

"Pray, Lubbock!" Radio Ministry

Pray Lubbock hosted a radio program called "Pray, Lubbock!" for four years.  It was a 30 minute live prayer program dedicated to praying for the needs of our city a it's citizens. When the opportunity arises, we plan to reinstate this program.

Cover the Kids

The Cover the Kids Prayer Rally involved the whole community coming together at a neutral location for the purpose of praying protection and peace over students, teachers, administration and parents of public, private and home schools in our community.  Pastors from all over the city lead the prayers, as the gathered congregation prays for the people around them.  This annual event began at the beginning of the 1999-2000 school year.  Now, instead of a city-wide event, we encourage congregations to set aside prayer time in one of their services at the beginning of the school year to pray for students, teachers, staff and the protection of their campuses.

The Passion Movie Prayer Center

Coordinated with the release of Mel Gibson's, The Passion, Pray Lubbock facilitated and operated a Prayer Center adjacent to the TinselTown parking lot.  We staffed the center so that people were praying for those who came to see the movie.  Intercessors were available to visit with movie-goers who needed to talk after watching the movie.

Palm Sunday Triumphal Entry

This event celebrates the day when a whole city (Jerusalem) welcomed and honored Jesus as King over the city.  Pray Lubbock has sponsored three such events  and looks forward to reinstating this Christ-centered gathering.

Lighthouse Rallies

From time to time, we call together the lighthouses of prayer for the purpose of encouragement and training.  Activities range from relation building and praying for one another to being encouraged by an outside speaker.  These events began in March 1999 and are periodically scheduled.  These events typically utilize the facilities of larger congregations in our city.  These rallies are under the supervision of the Pray Lubbock Ministry Team.


"...pray at all times with all kinds of prayer." Ephesians 6:18

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