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  Lighthouses of Prayer

Each Citizen Prayed for or Praying

We are currently contacting churches who have enlisted lighthouses of prayer in their congregations and they are updating their lists for address, email and phone corrections.  One new church plant is ready to jump in with enlistment.  That phase will come soon.  Praying for our neighbors is so intuitively right it needs no persuasive argument, but we can encourage lighthouses with ideas of how to do this naturally and faithfully.

 We intend to establish communication systems utilizing the internet which will make networking of this prayer force much more effective than it was when we launched lighthouses ten years ago.  We will have registration online at our website and make it easy to receive testimonies of lighthouse prayer.  However, internet access wonít be mandatory.  All that is essential is that faithful believers commit to consistently pray for their neighbors - and that is something we should be doing anyway.

 This explanation of Luke 10:1-9 demonstrates how being a lighthouse of prayer fulfills the mission Jesus started when he sent out the seventy.  We are asking lighthouses of prayer to pray on purpose.  Jesus sent the seventy into every city where He was to visit.  Through our prayers, we are preparing Lubbock for a greater measure of Jesusí presence and influence in our city through Lighthouses of Prayer in each neighborhood.

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"Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you..." Joshua 1:3

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