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  Lighthouses of Prayer


 "Prayer evangelism is talking with God about your neighbors before you talk with your neighbors about God." - Ed Silvoso

“Prayer walking is praying on sight with insight.” – Steve Hawthorne

1. Choose an area of manageable size.

2. Prayer walk alone or in groups of two or three.

3. When in groups, pray out loud for agreement and to stimulate additional prayer.

4. Pray with your eyes open. God will inform your prayers through what you see.

5. Set your own pace. Enjoy the sunshine, laugh with a child on the street.

6. Ask the Lord to give you His own passion for the people and to express His own desires through your spirit (the Spirit praying through you).

7. Feel free to interact naturally with those whom you encounter. Be prepared for divine appointments.

8. Get started! Do not let concerns about doing things right keep you from doing the right things.


"Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you..." Joshua 1:3

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