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  Lighthouses of Prayer

Each Citizen Prayed for or Praying

In order to sign up to register as a Lighthouse of Prayer for your neighborhood email Steve with the following information:

Name of those who are committing to pray:

Christian Fellowship with which you affiliate:

Pastor/Leader of that Fellowship:

Area for which you are committing to pray: (if it is the block on which you live, indicate the range of house numbers and street name for which you will pray.  Some light houses commit to pray for a specific school campus in their neighborhood, others pray for the business in the area of their place of work.

Neighborhood in which you are praying: (i.e. Bayless-Adkins, HEART of Lubbock, Rush, etc.)

Mailing Address:

Contact Phone Number: 


"Every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given it to you..." Joshua 1:3

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