Pastors Summit Fall 2007

2007 Prayer Summit for Pastors

The following is a word from God that emerged in our 3-hour session consisting of silence, Scripture that was burning in our hearts, and prayer.

"You are in a shifting of the seasons - each season has purpose - you are coming into a season of Ephesians 4 - functioning together.  I am able to do what I have called you to do;  and, you are NOT able.  You must return to the lap of the Lord and center all you do upon Jesus.  I will build a church that will prosper in building My Kingdom in your city.  I call you, as sons of God, to exalt the Lord together.  The accomplishments of this new season will be completed, not by your works, but by Me, while you dwell in My rest.  I will build my church on this foundation: Jesus is the Christ and My Son. Don't labor in vain, building a house; don't watch in vain, guarding the city.  Step back and allow Me."

In addition to the above statement, which summarizes what we sensed God was saying to us, one of our brothers received words from God in the form of lyrics.  It is impossible to convey, to those who were not there, the blessed atmosphere in which this was received, both the humility of the servant who was writing it down and the precision of words speaking directly to all of our hearts.  While the writer recorded it as given, directly to him, it was received by those of us present as directly to us, as well.  You are invited to read these words and see if they might speak to your heart, as poignantly as they spoke to ours.  Click here to read the lyrics.  (The text is in PDF format)


"He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him."

Psalm 91:15

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